Quality Control System

WeiChih implements a wide range of quality control systems across all departments and phases of product development. We primarily utilize the following quality control systems to ensure both product quality and consistency:

- Six Sigma Methodology
- SPC (Cpk)
- X & R Chart
- Process Capability Analysis

Measurement Equipment

WeiChih uses very strict quality control procedures to ensure the utmost precision at every stage of the manufacturing process. By using the highest quality measuring equipment we can be sure that our products exceed our customers’ expectations and achieve the highest possible performance.

2.5D Image Measuring Instrument JMT250T
3 Point Internal Micrometer 10-25m/m 25-35m/m
Surface Roughness Tester Ra RZ
Mitutoyo Profilometer 20m/m
Roundness Measuring Instrument  
Straightness Measuring Instrument  
Thread Plug Gages and Thread Ring Gages  
Hardness Measuring Instrument +0 -0.2
Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument 1-50mm ±0.001m/m
Height Gages  
Digital Vernier Caliper with Dial Gage and Indicator