About Us

WeiChih Enterprise Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, development and manufacture of precision metal parts for a range of industries. We have been granted ISO9001 quality certification thanks to our comprehensive safety management system and strict quality control procedures. With our expertise and passion we want to help our customers improve their production efficiency and further increase their performance.



Established in 1994, our precision parts have been well received in a number of high-technology industries, such as aerospace, bicycle manufacturing, woodworking machinery and medical equipment. With our excellent customization capabilities and positive attitude, we adhere to the principles of “High Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Continual Improvement and Sustainable Development”. With these in mind we strive to deliver the highest quality goods and service to our Asian, European and American customers.

Competitive Advantage

We takes pride in their independent R&D capabilities and are specialized in the design and manufacture of customizable products to meet their clients’ needs. With very advanced production equipment and a large range of testing equipment, WeiChih’s products meet the highest global industry standards. From the design process to final product inspection all stages are completed in-house reducing unnecessary transport and manufacturing costs.


Leading through the 21st century, We are committed to achieving the perfect balance between high-quality products and competitive prices with maximum customer satisfaction, thereby satisfying the needs of a wide range of industries. Our goal is to become the best possible parts manufacturing partner for a wide range of businesses so that WeiChih can become a truly “worldwide” and “world-class” company.