Manufacturing Capability

WeiChih possesses a wide range of imported precision machine tools, advanced scientific management systems, and leading manufacturing processes. Using our wealth of technological knowledge, wide range of manufacturing capabilities, and ability to produce highly customized products, we are always committed to delivering the highest quality products for our customers.

Manufacturing Equipment

Below you will find a list of all our high precision manufacturing equipment, including quantities and manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Process Manufacturing Equipment Quantity
±0.003m/m Swiss Type CNC Auto Lathe (CSL 42-2Y) 30
±0.006m/m Swiss Type CNC Lathe (Double Spindle Double Turret Type) 12
  Mazak CNC Five-Axis Machining Center 1
6-50m/m ±0.02m/m Straightening Machine 2
  Thread Rolling Machine 10
  Drilling and Tapping Machine 10
Degreasing Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 1
Deburring and Grinding Magnetic Grinding Machine 1